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Since the 1920’s Red Seal has believed people should have a better understanding of the products they use on a daily basis.

Most people who use common brands of toothpaste are unwittingly brushing their teeth every morning and night with a mix of chemicals and artificial ingredients. If that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you might want to try something a little more natural.

With natural antibacterial protection, sourced from the Totara tree, Red Seal toothpastes are paraben free and only contain ingredients you've heard of - like calcium, zinc and magnesium - that help keep your teeth cleaner, whiter and stronger


" Before you
choose your
toothpaste, brush
up on what's best
for your teeth &
health. "

What Makes Our

Toothpaste Different?

A more

Natural Choice

Calcium Carbonated Base
Herbal Extracts
Essentials Oils

Potential Irritants

No Paraben
No Triclosan
No Artificial Flavours and Colours
Only natural preservative is used
Highly Alkaline formula (>pH8)
The science of nature

The Science of Nature

Here's some evidence

Propolis was found to be safe and effective in reducing plaque accumulation then the leading brand.

Source: J Nat Sci Biol Med., 2015
Calcium Carbonate

Compared to fluridated toothpaste, calcium carbonate-based dentifrice was found to be more effective on enamel remineralization, either in the presence of plaque or without plaque.

Source: Carles Res, 2005

Two of the liquorice compounds, known as licoricidin and licorisoflavan A were found to be the most effective antibacteria substances. These substances fight against 2 key tooth decay causing bacteria. One of the mechanisms involved is by blocking the formation of bacteria's protective biofilm, hense preventing the buildup of plaque.

Source: ACS' Journal of Natural Products, 2012; Chemical Communications, 2015

Even the preservative
from New Zealand!

Podocarpus totara (totara) is a species of podocarp tree endemic to New Zealand. It grows throughout the North Island and Northeastern South Island in lowland, montane and lower subalpine forest at elevations of up to 600m.

Red Seal range of toothpaste contains Totaro oil, a natural plant preservative and strong anti-axidant that comes from recycled Totara wood. It enables us to replace the nasty chemical-parabens

Totarol is a naturally occuring plant extract with potent anti-bacterial activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQs )

1. Who should use Red Seal’s toothpaste?

There is a toothpaste in this range suitable for everyone.
You may want to try our toothpastes if you:
  • Have chemical sensitivities.
  • Are on a cleansing or detoxing diet.
  • Get reoccurring mouth ulcers or cold sores.
  • Are looking for a more natural alternative toothpaste.
  • Have gum problems.
  • Are concerned that your child is consuming coloured toothpaste; Children especially those who are under 7 years old often swallow toothpaste until they learn the voluntary spit reflex.
  • Have been overexposed to fluoride and have dental fluorosis.
  • Want to avoid parabens.
  • Want to avoid artificial colours.
  • Want to avoid Triclosan.

2. Are Red Seal toothpastes suitable for vegans?

All Red Seal toothpastes are suitable for vegetarians. However, if you are vegan you may not want to use the Propolis toothpaste as it uses Propolis, which is product made by bees.

3. Why does Red Seal have a sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) in some of their toothpastes?

  • Red Seal is aware of the controversies around SLS and its use in shampoos, toothpaste and other products. As we are very health focused and concerned about the safety and efficacy of our products we have investigated the scientific data on SLS and have not found sufficient evidence to support the claims that some people make about how bad SLS is for you.
  • However, for those people worried about SLS, or have mouth ulcers or cold-sores, we recommend Natural SLS free toothpaste.